Saturday, 22 December 2012


Forever 21 had its grand opening in Victoria today. It was epic. My friend Lauren and I got there at 9:40 and the line snaked all around the building. We only had to wait 30-40 min to get in, which was bearable. While waiting in line I saw the most badass old man ever. He was driving a shiny black motorcycle with a side car. A SIDE CAR! He also had a magnificent handlebar mustache. 'Nuff said.
Anyways, once we got into the store it was quite the gong show, but boy was it worth it.

The ensemble I'm wearing in today's post doesn't contain anything from Forever 21, but just wait. Just wait.

Have a beautiful day,

Outfit Details
Sunglasses: Decade
Blazer: The Salvation Army
Shirt: Beacon Community Thrift Store
Shorts: Value Village (with a little DIY ripping)
Tights and Socks: Sears
Boots: Regalia (Consignment)

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