Saturday, 3 November 2012

In the field

So I'm in a field by my house in these pictures. There was a family walking through it and I always feel pretty self conscious when I'm getting my picture taken simply because it seems quite vain. But I have started this blog about myself so I should just accept the fact that in a sense I am vain. 
I'm wearing my favourite pants from Mango and my sparkling loafers, both of which I got in Las Vegas this past summer. The shirt I saved from my best friend Lauren's "giving away pile," but it's a petite and I'm 175 cm tall. It gets untucked a lot. 
Have a great weekend!
Sunglasses and Necklace - Decade
Shirt - Lauren
Pants - Mango
Shoes - Las Vegas
Bag - Thrifted


  1. Beautiful look! I love that bright red blazer on you and those pants are just stunning and gorgeous! Totally obsessing over your loafers!

  2. you coudn't look any more perfect/

  3. totally awesome outfit - love how you mix and match different prints, and your accessories are so fun!